Climate Change : The World 's Biggest Threats

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Climate change is one of the world’s biggest threats. Climate change has been and currently still is affecting the planet. It affects the environment, animals, plants, the ecosystem and it affects humans as well. However, even though climate change affects humans, we also play a big part in contributing to climate change. For example, the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere has gone up due to the burning of fossil fuels (from human activity) as well as deforestation (clearing or removal of trees) which requires human participation (Reece). The rise of CO2 affects the global temperature and human activities only add to the climate change. As stated before, climate change not only effects humans, it also effects plants and animals. For instance, with climate change happening, plants and animals are experiencing drastic changes in their habitat. Therefore, plants and animals have to migrate to an environment better suited for them. (Reece). Climate change has also had an effect on the arctic as well as plants, animals, humans, etc. It is said that climate change is known to be the greatest threat to the arctic as we know it. For example, the arctic sea has already experienced the largest amount of warming in 2012 and it is suggested that within a few decades or so there may not be any more ice. Henceforth, the habitat for seals, polar bears and other mammals will be decreasing and their species will be at risk (Reece 2011). There have definitely been some significant changes that
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