Climate Change : What Will Happen?

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Climate change is a difficult subject to address. Climate change is the change in weather patterns in the Earth’s atmosphere. It is a difficult subject because there are many debates for many different types of groups. Political groups, such as democrats and republicans, can never come into terms because how history went regarding presidential elections. This is because people think they have to choose a side. Social groups worry what will happen with our future because the people of the world are always going to wonder what will happen if no one finds a cure for climate change. Environmental groups, such as scientists are also at the same position when it comes not agreeing with each other. Scientists are always researching and finding new facts and possible outcomes of climate change. They will just end up finding something that will contradict the next argument. Also, due to environmental issues, this causes a downfall in economy as well. Almost every opposing group will not accept each other’s opinions, which causes the debate of making the climate better stuck for the future generations. Climate change causes damages from floods, hurricanes, global warming, and other weather patterns. The economy goes into a deep situation when it is forced to pay for the damages of cities, towns, and lives of people. Due to the constant debating from opposing groups about the topic of climate change, the situation becomes more serious, causing further damages and other

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