Climate Changes And Climate Change

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From the observations presented in the paper it is clear that there is direct/indirect link between extreme events and climate change and the similar observation was found by Seneviratne et al., 2012) supporting that Climate change has resulted in changes in the occurrence of extreme events. Moreover, Out of 24 extreme events analyzed in this paper, 12 showed direct or indirect links to anthropogenic climate change and some could not be explained. Once a change has been detected it is important to attribute that change to some cause. Attribution, especially to human greenhouse gas emissions, gives confidence to model projections of the future driven by anthropogenic forcing as well as predictions of extremes at shorter time scales (Seneviratne and Zwiers, 2015). When an extreme event occurs, the question of attribution of these events to human-induced climate change is of particular interest. Two schools of thought have emerged in this rapidly developing field. “Oxford” quantifies the change in probability of an extreme event of a particular observed magnitude caused by the human alteration of the climate system whereas “Boulder” (NOAA 's Earth System Research Laboratory) examines the human induced change in magnitude of an extreme event. While providing different types of information to stakeholders, both these probabilistic and mechanistic schools of thought have been shown to be equivalent (Easterling et al 2016). But in some cases, some scientists have concluded that a

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