Climate Changes And Climate Change

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Climate change is one of the most important challenges of humankind in this century. The ability to adapt, mitigate and reduce carbon emissions will be decisive to preserve the world for future generations. The last IPCC report has provided more evidence regarding the rise in temperature and sea level. Apparently, additional 2°C above the pre-industrial average temperature levels is unavoidable, and it will continue at that level due the accumulation of gases in the atmosphere (Solomon 2009). Climate change will affect people all around the world in different ways, though the capacity to cope with it is different among regions and countries. The Latin America region is notably susceptible to climate change, due its geographical position, population location and its economy relying in natural resources (Vergara et. al. 2013a). The withdrawal of the coral biome, glaciers melting, jungles & forest savannization and strongest climate events are only some of the threats that will affect their inhabitants.
According to expert’s estimations, the economic cost associated with climate change events in Latin America with a temperature rise of 2°C, is in the order of 85-110 billion per year by 2050 (Fernandes et. al. 2012, Dasgupta et. al. 2007, Vergara et. al. 2013 & Vergara et. al. 2007). Economic injuries of this magnitude, can erode the development path of countries like Colombia and Mexico . The restriction to natural resources access will undermine countries´ prospects for
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