Climate Changs is Affecting Earth's Delicate Ecosystem

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Many problems are present in our world today, such as starvation, flooding, heat waves, droughts and disease. These issues are likely to worsen as climate change takes its toll. In the past, the cause of this severe climate change was unknown. Today, it is known that manmade climate change is occurring. Scientists have discovered that humans have had the greatest impact on the Earth’s ecosystem. Human activities, such as burning fossil fuels and deforestation, are causing the Earth to get hotter. Although humans are not the only cause of climate change, we contribute to this world wide problem because of the actions we take, which if affecting us now and will continue to affect us in the future. A numerous amount of human activities contribute to emissions of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide. By burning fossil fuels, humans are emitting a great amount of carbon dioxide into the air, which is causing the rising temperatures. Humans use a significant amount of electricity every single day. It is used to power homes, businesses, and industries and is the largest source of carbon dioxide emission in the nation. In order to produce electricity, coal is burned. According to the EPA, the…
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