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Active listening in the workplace is very important. It is important because to being a good, active listener will mean that there will be good communication. In being an active listener, you will be able to cultivate an interest in both the speaker and the message. By having an interest in the speaker and the message, you will be able to focus your attention on the message being given. Active listening helps approve the level of communication in the workplace, because it improves overall understanding. It also forces attentiveness, and minimizes defensiveness. It helps ensure that you understand the message clearly and effectively, and that you remain focused on the subject at hand. Some examples of active listening are eye contact,…show more content…
With description, you use messages that explain your feelings, reactions and needs to others. Examples include stating that “I need to step out for a minute” or “I don’t understand what you are trying to say.” While description explains a feeling or reaction, evaluation judges, criticizes, or places blame; such as saying “You never listen” or “You weren’t very clear in your instructions.”
Spontaneity is a genuine, natural way of communicating with honesty and openness. For example, if you worked as a cashier at a local store, and if you were always nice and friendly to your customers and your co-workers alike, chances are that your customers will return for repeat business and that your co-workers will look forward to working with you. But if you practice strategy, which involves manipulation, tricks, or if you use an attitude that appears to be scripted or fake, you are less likely to be able to show others who you truly are.
Empathy communicates respect, understanding, and acceptance of others. With empathy, you are able to put yourself in another’s shoes. Empathic often find themselves thinking “How would I feel if I were in their situation?” But unlike empathy, neutrality expresses a lack of concern for others, with a detached and impersonal tone. Acting neutrality can result from a lack of firsthand experience, or simply from being self centered or having an unwillingness to be fully attentive to the sharing of others.
Equality shares a

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