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Climate Essay Arlene Jernigan HCS/131 August 10, 2015 Joseph W. Hussar III Climate Essay The active listening that must take place in the workplace goes beyond just the hearing of the words that are spoken by the sender. In the business world, listening skills are acknowledged as a means "to improve customer satisfaction, build partnerships, and maintain relationships among supervisors and employees" (Shipley, 2010, p. 126). It is for this reason that management and staff alike, work together to improve its existence in the workplace. Active listening is a skill that must be cultivated and developed further; we are born with the ability to speak and hear but not the ability to listen. Each one of the listening steps such as…show more content…
According to Cheesebro et al. (2010), supportive and defensive climate characteristics are as follows: Supportive climate characteristics- * Description - messages that explain your feelings, your reactions, and your needs to others * Problem Orientation - the point of view you share with another * Spontaneity - a genuine, natural way of communicating with honesty and openness * Empathy - communicates respect, understanding, and acceptance to another; puts yourself in another's place * Equality - shares a sense of value and mutual respect regardless of power, status, or position * Provisionalism - refers to an open-minded view of new ideas, trying new behaviors, and seeking new solutions On the other hand, defensive characteristics include: * Evaluation - judges, criticizes, or blames another * Control - expects the other person to change his or her behavior * Strategy - involves manipulation, tricks, or a planned script, rather than free-flowing, open communication * Neutrality - expresses a lack of concern with a detached, impersonal tone * Superiority - involves looking down on others, creating feelings of inadequacy, fault, or failure * Certainty - characterized by a closed-minded, know-it-all view of the world with no need for changes (pp. 132 – 133) A supportive work climate motivates the staff to put forth the extra effort, utilizing his or her capabilities to not only pursue their goals but also strive toward

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