Climate Model Essay

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The purpose of this report is to introduce the model of the Earth's climate system. By discussing the importance of sustainability and the change of variables in the system. Environmental sustainability is the ability to preserve an ecological balance by preventing overuse of natural or non-renewable resources by maintaining the rate of use of renewable resource and the pollution creation. Therefore modeling a system can help engineers discuss different system designs and indicate the advantage and disadvantage of the system also list out the problems and the solutions to provide a project which suits the rule of sustainability.

Insight Maker is a software that helps people create a System Dynamics model to explore and develop the
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Although the rate of greenhouse gas emit can be exampled as the main reason that causes the average temperature of the Earth increase, the natural greenhouse effect is favorable for life on Earth as it keeps the temperature of Earth around 15°C. But the atmosphere today enclose more greenhouse gas molecules like carbon dioxide and water, so more infra-red radiation should be reflected off to space is absorbed by the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. According to this stimulation, the surface temperature will rise continuously if the rates of emission of the greenhouse gases keep rising; this makes the Earth's atmosphere a more competent greenhouse. We can slow the rate of greenhouse effect through improvement of the energy efficiency such as build well- insulated house to prevent heat loss and replace petrol motor to electric motor can reduce fuel consumption by up to 50%.

Refer to Figure 5, the value of insolation absorbed by the surface is raised by 20% also the rate of the greenhouse effect is increased by 5% constantly. This is caused by the hole in the ozone while it is the main layer blocks most of the sun's high-frequency ultraviolet rays. Without the ozone, these UV rays will directly shine on the surface of the Earth, led to the rate of energy receive by the surface increase rapidly this cause more heat reflect
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