Climate Warming : Climate Change

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Samantha Ballard 470 Climate Project Anthropogenic Emissions in the Ocean Anthropogenic emissions affect the atmosphere, ocean, biosphere and cryosphere. These components of the climate system create interactions between each other ranging from a synoptic to microscale including everything in between. Ever since the industrial revolution, human-produced emissions have been changing the world around us. The phenomenon of having greenhouse gases and aerosols in the atmosphere is natural and necessary to support life on Earth. However, the buildup of greenhouse gases can change Earth 's climate and result in dangerous effects to human health and welfare and to ecosystems. These changes are new to the earth as never in this planet’s terrestrial history has anthropogenic emissions been a factor in changing the natural processes. This change to the earth’s natural environment has been termed “climate change”. Various research departments in the academic, government and public sector has done extensive research regarding climate change. This includes studying the earth’s paleoclimate, atmospheric composition changes, oceanic changes, biological responses and possible consequences. This research is intended to further the understanding of how the Earth’s climate will be affected with rising anthropogenic emissions. Each of the world’s countries contribute various amounts of both gas and particle emissions to the atmosphere, influencing changes in weather and climate on a daily
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