Climate and Topography Analysis

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Climate and Topography Analysis Gerardo “Gerry” Camacho University of Phoenix BUS-475 November 2, 2009 Climate and topography are two very important factors that may influence industries profitability and productivity. Is important for business leaders to recognize how climate and topography factors impacts different industries. Recognizing climate and topography could be of assistance for businesses venturing into the global business environment arena. Climate and topography are factors of huge importance when determining location and strategic planning. One of the industries most affected by climate and topography is the transportation industry. The transportation industry is vital to any economy. The transportation industry…show more content…
The same consideration, on a smaller scale, the electronics industry enjoys. The electronics industry is the combination of manufacturers of electronics products at different scales. Climatic considerations are very important to the electronics industry. The incorrect climatic condition could cause devastating effects for example “Tribocorrosion involves mechanical and chemical/electrochemical interactions between surfaces in relative motion in the presence of a corrosive environment. Tribocorrosion phenomena are encountered in many technological areas where they cause damage to installations, machines, and devices. Often tribocorrosion damage is a problem for safety or for human health. In other applications tribocorrosion phenomena are put to good use in manufacturing. The chemo-mechanical mechanisms of tribocorrosion are still incompletely understood, they involve the properties of contacting material surfaces, the mechanics of the contact and the corrosion conditions (D Landolt, 2006).” The tribocorrosion example clearly illustrates how climate could directly affect the electronics industry. Topographic considerations are also directly linked to this industry. The incorrect topographic location chosen for a factory or distribution center could cause millions in loses to the industry. The electronics industry depends on strategic topographical locations for distribution, raw materials, and ease of
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