Climate vs. Weather

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Climate vs Weather Weather is the day-to-day state of the atmosphere in a region, and its short-term (minutes to weeks) variation whereas Climate is defined as statistical weather information that describes the variation of weather at a given place for a specified interval. They are both used interchangeably sometimes but differ in their measure of time, and trends that affect them. Weather is the combination of temperature, humidity, precipitation, cloudiness, visibility, and wind. In popular usage, climate represents the synthesis of weather; more formally it is the weather of a locality averaged over some period (usually 30 years) plus statistics of weather extremes. In a 2012 survey, a majority of Americans blamed global warming (or…show more content…
The chaotic nature of the atmosphere means that perfect forecasts are impossible, and that forecasts become less accurate as the range of the forecast increases. Climate is measured based on the weather statistics. A general period of 30 years is taken to forecast climate of an area as patterns over a period of time have to be observed. The standard classification of the earth's climatic zones is mainly based on the annual cycles of temperature and rainfall. The time frame makes it possible for weather forecasts to usually be easier and more accurate than forecasts about climate change. Human impact and changes on climate and weather There is extensive evidence that human activity such as agriculture and industry results in inadvertent weather modification. Acid rain, caused by industrial emission of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides into the atmosphere, adversely affects freshwater lakes, vegetation, and structures. Anthropogenic pollutants reduce air quality and visibility. The effects of inadvertent weather modification over the long term may pose serious threats to many aspects of civilization, including ecosystems, natural resources, food and fiber production, economic development, and human health. Climate change caused by
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