Climbing Mount Everest: A Bad Idea

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Do you ever think to yourself, hey I think I could climb Mount Everest. What could go wrong, right? Well if you are thinking about it I am going to give you some reasons to think again about climbing Mount Everest. Climbing Mount Everest is a bad idea because you’re polluting native lands, endangering the lives of others apart from your own, and exposing yourself to tons of risks like hape, frostbite, lack of oxygen, etc. These are some reasons I think it’s not a good idea to climb mount Everest.
Paragraph # Every time someone climbs Mount Everest they are more than likely to leave some trash behind them, this is why I think climbing Mount Everest is a bad idea. On page 425 of the textbook, the author states between 1953 and the mid-1990’s,
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When you climb Mount Everest the sherpas who help you sometimes have to choose between your life and theirs. For example, on page 423 in the textbook the author said, “Sherpas play a critical role on Everest expeditions.” There is another example on page 184 in the book Peak, Josh said, “While Leah was treating my frostbite and giving me IV fluids, the man who saved my life died not four feet away from me. His heart gave out.” This means because Josh climbed Mount Everest the sherpa who was guiding him up the mountain sacrificed himself to save Josh’s life. This left the sherpas’ family poor, and Sun-Jo had to work and abandon school to work so his sisters can go to school all because of climbing Mount Everest. This is why I think climbing Mount Everest is a bad idea.

My third reason to explain why climbing Mount Everest is a bad idea because you’re risking your own life just to climb a mountain. People die on the mountain and sometimes their bodies are never retrieved. I can show this from page 226 in the book Peak, “When we got to the top we saw another corpse. He was lying there on his back with one arm splayed out and the other hand buried in the pocket of his down parka,” Peak said. On page 425 the author also states, “At 26,000 feet, camp IV is in the “Death Zone.” This means many people almost make it or die coming down. Another good reason to not climb Mount
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