Climbing Mount Everest: The Planning Process

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Planning is the first management function and is defined as choosing a goal and developing a method or strategy to achieve that goal or determining organizational goals and a means for achieving them. Climbing Mount Everest definitely takes a planning process. An example is the plan to reach the oxygen tank that was located at the South Summit. However, this took steps to reach and the oxygen that was reserved which was considered a tactic plan because it was a plan along the way rather than the overall plan. Nonetheless, this oxygen was a goal he had to reach because the oxygen he currently had was gone and he needed oxygen for survival. There are different types of planning including strategic, tactic, and operational planning. All three…show more content…
In order to accomplish a plan, you must set goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timely. The climbers had a specific goal of reaching the top which was attainable and realistic because they had been training and it had been done before. It was also very timely and measurable because there was a chance in death if it was not completed in a certain amount of time. This was due to not enough food, cold temperatures, and the change in altitude. With a solid plan success can occur but pitfalls can also occur. Pitfalls can impede change and prevent adaptation. It can also lead to a false sense of certainty, and lead to the detachment of planners. The original plan had them reaching the summit. The ones that realized they would not reach the summit by 1 turned around although they had paid a lot of money and would lose this money without completing the overall goal. However, sticking to the plan is not always the best case. Weathers was told to wait until Hall returned but in reality he should have left with the group that decided to turn around. This is an example of a pitfall to planning. Overall, planning is important to management but adapting is also very
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