Climbing Research Paper

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As a specialist in the telecom field, an aspect of my responsibilities requires that I climb our TV transmitting poles to watch that the structure is OK, watch that the links are in great request, and to check for air spills. The vast, empty 150mm measurement links are pressurized with dry air to keep them free of dampness. We now and again need to climb these poles with a jug of children air pocket blowing liquid, and a paintbrush, and we paint the blend onto joints and territories of the link that could be broken or punctured. On the off chance that there's an air spill, you can see the air pockets framing.

The tallest pole in my general vicinity is a 220 meter pole, conveying TV, radio, cellphone, radio phone, web joins, auto following, trunking and advanced transmissions. There is a step going up the focal point of the pole, with rest stages each 15 meters. The stepping stool is vertical, yet it has a confine around it, so you can't generally drop out, just down 15 meters to the stage underneath. At the exceptionally top of the pole is a spine, which is a long thin expansion to the pole whereupon all the TV transmit aerials are mounted. You can get inside this spine by pulling yourself up with your arms: it's excessively slender, making it impossible to lift your knees up
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We generally move with coats, as regardless of the possibility that it's hot on the ground, there's normally a quite cool wind exploding at the top. Regularly as we climb, mists come past amongst us and the ground, which is very unusual, as you feel cut off from the earth. In the event that there's an excessive amount of cloud, or on the off chance that it's wet, or if the wind is excessively solid, we are not permitted, making it impossible to move for security reasons. Some folks have moved in winds where a 12 inch moving spanner has been brushed off the stage where they were
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