Climbing Up A Rock Face

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There are many different climbing styles to choose from when it comes to ascending a mountain. The styles include bouldering, traditional, sport, and the most basic, hiking. Of those climbing styles, two stand out as complete opposites, bouldering and sport climbing. The sport of bouldering is like math and sport climbing is like music. Both of the climbing styles require great skill and practice just as math and music do.
The sport of bouldering many consider dangerous, there is no safety equipment, nothing to rely on if you make the wrong move. In sport climbing, the climber uses heavy duty equipment just in case of a slip to prevent falling to the ground. When it comes to bouldering it can be similar to math because both require a lot of thought. When working with math, the questions posed are referred to as problems, in bouldering, routes up a rock face are also called problems. Before climbing up a rock face, the climber exams the routes available to him or her and carefully plans out the best approach. They decide exactly where they will place their feet and what is available for them to grab hold of on the ascent. To get to the top the climber must pick a path that is suitable for them and meets their skill level. Much like when it comes to doing math, one examines the problem in front of them and determines the best approach to solving it. They determine what the ending result they want is and pick a formula that will work best. Solving the math problem…
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