Clinical And Administrative Information Systems

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Clinical and Administrative Information Systems Health Informatics created two main categories such as clinical and administrative information systems to meet the needs of one or more department within the health care organization. For the clinical information system, it is set to meet the needs in improving patient care. Therefore, the clinical information system (CIS) categories provide nurses information systems (NIS) that support the way nurses documents the care that given to the patients. However, to improve the delivery of nursing care, the healthcare organization must adopt a computer system that can successfully incorporate tools that will benefit nursing. There is two vendors’ software that implies these characteristics for the…show more content…
These features benefit the nurse for a better way to manage and patient data without using a paper chart. Correspondingly, Meditech provides a worklist too. So, nurses that use this system can also follow, keep track, and document to maintaining a record of information of the patient under their care (Medical Information Technology, Inc, 2017). Nevertheless, both systems provide real‐time updates of patient information and allow nurses to receive icon‐based notifications of new information and tasks. Apparently, with the NIS nurses will excel in quality of care to their patients. Different Function and Features of the Nursing Information System Also, Cerner and Meditech have a few differences in their function and features in their applications. For the Cerner Powerchart Ambulatory, it does not provide application programming interface (API), but Meditech does. API is a program that allows two software programs to communicate with each other. In Meditech, a web API solution reduces development timelines enabling applications to be released to the market more quickly (Apcar, 2015). Therefore, it allows a fast, reliable and secure access to improve patient outcomes (Apcar, 2015). Another difference in feature is online booking. For, Cerner Powerchart does not include online booking like Meditech does. Online booking is used to start the scheduling
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