Clinical Case Study and the WHO Disablement Model Essay

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Conceptual models, specifically disablement models have been used for many years within the medical field to help guide clinical reasoning and the delivery of evidence based practice throughout the continuum of care. Valley Health Rehabilitation Services provides clinicians with opportunities for profession growth and development, as well as opportunities to learn from peers. Specifically, case studies are used within the systems as a useful problem-solving tool that enables clinical reasoning and subsequently guide treatment.

The current VH Case Study format being used integrates the “WHO Disablement Model” also known as the International Classification of Impairments, Disabilities, and
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APTA, AOTA, ASHA, as well as other American healthcare organizations endorse the ICF and incorporate it’s language into relevant association publications, documents, and communications.

The ICF is currently utilized in clinical practice, clinical research, and policy development. Thus, it’s used at the individual level, institutional level, and social level, such as:
- Assessment and treatment planning of an individual
- Collecting data regarding outcomes of a specific treatment or intervention
- Multidisciplinary communication
- Quality improvement
- Protocol development
- Educational and training purposed (i.e. case studies)
- Needs assessment at a societal level
- Environmental assessment for universal design

The ICF and the ICD-10 are intended to be complementary. The ICD-10 provides a diagnosis of diseases, disorders, and other health conditions, whereas the ICF provides information on the patient’s functioning. Used together they create a broader picture of the patient and their experiences with regards to health and function.

Based on the total literature reviewed, the WHO ICF framework compared to the current VH Case Study format that integrates the “WHO Disablement Model,” represents current, up to date evidence and best practice. The “WHO Disablement Model” aka ICIDH model is outdated. It was published
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