Clinical Child Psychology

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Communication is a very essential asset when working with children. Being able to communicate to infants, toddlers, children and adolescents can be quite challenging because children are at age where they can communicate, but don’t know how to verbally express it sometimes. So, as a clinical child psychologist, learning unique and creative ways to communicate with children is very necessary in order to get them to respond back effectively for you. Also, this is very important in delivering an effective treatment.
The American Psychological Association also uses analysis as well in clinical child psychology. When providing the correct treatment for children, it is important to understand the psychological needs of the children and how to analyze them in regards to how their family or social interactions influence their development. Another way this can be done is through assessment. Assessments will provide an evaluation of a child’s psychological, intellectual,
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As a clinical child psychologist, it is their job to make decisions on what changes and/or resources need to be made available to the parents to help improve their child’s well-being. The parents should take value in their decisions to know based off their judgments, what will work best for the child.
Social interaction is another skill that is needed to improve the well-being of a child. A clinical child psychologist will demonstrate this behavior by consulting with other professionals that work with children as well. This is important because they may discover a number of overlooked or unknown resources they haven’t been used yet that may actually work for certain children. Also, social interaction is important because it provides another outlook or perspective that sometimes one person cannot
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