Clinical Community Health Workers ( Cchw ) Integration Into Clinical Workforce

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Clinical Community Health Workers (cCHW) Integration Into Clinical Workforce An external market research analysis can be defined as the process of scanning and evaluating an organization’s various external environmental sectors to determine positive and negative trends that could impact organizational performance ("External," n.d.). The goal of external market research analysis is to explore any opportunities and threats existing in the environment. Opportunities are favorable to the condition in an organization’s environment that can produce rewards if use properly. It is an opportunity that the organization or company wants to benefit from them. Threats are barriers that prevent an organization from achieving their goals and…show more content…
Delaying or not receiving needed medical care may result in more serious illness, increased complications, and longer hospital stays. In San Bernardino County approximately one in five residents is uninsured, which declined over the last five years because of the affordable Care Act (ACA). In 2013, 19% of the residents were uninsured, a five-year decrease of 1.5 %. In California, the percentage of uninsured is 17.2%. Twenty-eight percent of young adults were more likely to be uninsured. Mexican descent and household with low income ($25,000) were most likely to be uninsured (25% respectively), and 37% of less than high school diploma was uninsured. Six percent of young children, under age six, were uninsured ("Community," 2015, p. 48). According to According to the 2014 California Health Interview Survey (CHIS), 83.1% of people under age 65 had a usual place to go to when they were sick or needed health advice. This is lower than the statewide average but higher than all neighboring counties compared. TREND #3: MORTALITY RATES The San Bernardino County adult mortality rate is related to cancer according to the State Heath Report, with a population of more than 2 million, San Bernardino county ranked 40 out of 58 counties in overall cancer-related deaths (Abraham, 2015). According to the San Bernardino Health Status Profile for 2017, from 2013 to 2015 the average all cancer related death was 2,926.3, followed by Coronary Heart Disease (1,811), Chronic

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