Clinical Data Manager And Compensation And Benefits Managers

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O*NET Assignment Two of the occupations that O*NET recognized for myself are, Clinical Data Manager and Compensation and Benefits Managers. The Clinical Data Manager would apply knowledge of health care and database management to analyze clinical data, and to identify and report trends. As for a Compensation and Benefits Manager they would be responsible for planning, directing, or coordinating compensation and benefits activities of an organization. Between the two, I would choose Clinical Data Manager and believe that I would good with this occupation. With my history of over 12 years already in a related field, of both clinical and administration, I am familiar with medical terminology, billing and coding, insurance reimbursement and contracts, including working with workers compensation and many law firms for legal cases. In a previous supervisor role I negotiated several contracts with many nationwide health insurance companies. Also have experience with manufactures that provide supplies and implants for surgical procedures. Being that both required contracts; I was responsible for determining the final costs and reimbursement. This required a lot of research and time that I invested so I was completely aware of all gains or losses that may affect my employer. This experience included analyzing cases involving all aspects that were beneficial for both patients and the facility. If a procedure was not covered or completely covered by a patients’ insurance

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