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Clinical Decision Support for Best Practice Advisories
Jennifer Hervey B00742889
East Carolina University
COHE 6450 Decision Support in Health Care

Executive Summary An interview with an Assistant Professor at Duke University Health System in the Department of Medicine, Maestro Care Provider Champion and Clinical Content Architect. This physician works to incorporate clinical decision support tools into the electronic health record at Duke Health System. He manages the best practice advisory committee that may provide a way to deploy alerts to clinicians at the point of care. Alerts with order sets and recommended actions are created and updated to notify providers of current patient care guidelines or patient safety concerns. …show more content…

The assistant professor states “underlying this ambition is a belief that Duke Health has a dedication to continually explore new ways to use technology to treat patients, collaborate with other providers locally, worldwide and ultimately succeed in providing the best patient care possible.” Duke prides itself in providing excellent patient care, research and education. The mission statement includes commitment to service, solving real world problems and a sense of urgency in transforming discoveries into improved human health (Duke Health, 2017). Duke Health System connected its electronic health records throughout the entire system in 2012 and the entire process took three years to complete, the assistant professor mentioned.
Literature Reviews
Compare and contrast their use and impact of their CDSS with evidence described in literature
Case Description
Provide a detailed overview of the implementation(s) in terms of:
Technology Concerns
Technology Components
CDSS Features
Identify key features related to their use of the CDSS in terms of: the type of CDSS they use (knowledge based, or analytics, or a combination of both), its usability (ease of use), utility (perceived usefulness), how they incorporate it into their own workflow, what are some of its features, its overall impact on any patient outcomes and any challenges they have experienced while using the CDSS.
The assistant professor defined "Best

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