Clinical Decision Support System ( Cdss )

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Background Information
Clinical decision support system (CDSS) is gaining increased recognition in healthcare organizations. This is due to an increasing recognition that a stronger CDSS is crucial to achieve a high quality of patients care and safety1,2. CDSS is a class of computerized information system that supports decision-making activities2. It uses patient data to provide tailored patient assessments and evidence-based treatment recommendations for healthcare providers to consider2,3”. Patient data can be input by digital entry, queried from other clinical information systems or transmitted from medical devices. Patient data are compared against a knowledge-base and made sense of by an inference mechanism. The knowledge base can be procured commercially or developed in-house. The inference mechanism can be highly variable in sophistication ranging from a simple ‘yes ‘no and ‘if ‘then statement to Bayesian prediction techniques and/or fuzzy logic. The output can also take a number of forms and can be delivered to a number of destinations at any time before, during or post-interaction with the patient4.
CDS is most effective when provided at the time that the physician is formulating her assessment of the patient’s condition and is making ordering decisions2. CDS encompasses a variety of tools to enhance decision-making in the clinical workflow. These tools include computerized alerts and reminders to care providers and patients; clinical guidelines;…
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