Clinical Description Of Schizoid Personality Disorder

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Schizoid Personality Disorder
Amber Chancey
Pasco Hernando State College

CLP 2140: Abnormal Psychology
Jodi Savell
December 4th, 2015

Schizoid Personality Disorder
Clinical Description
1. Presentation of problem Schizoid Personality Disorder is a personality disorder in which an individual chooses to avoid close relationships with other people, takes pleasure in little, if any, activities, appears to be indifferent to others’ opinions of them, and they are typically asexual. Many people confuse schizoid personality disorder with schizophrenia, but they are two separate disorders. Schizoid personality disorder is not a mood disorder nor does an individual with schizoid personality disorder present with symptoms such as paranoia or hallucinations. In some instances, schizoid personality disorder can be a precursor for schizophrenia, but in order to be diagnosed with schizoid personality disorder, an individual must not present with symptoms of schizophrenia.
According to Barlow (2015), individuals with schizoid personality disorder present pervasive patterns of detachment and avoid interpersonal relationships. For example, a schizoid is most likely not going interact in a group setting or initiate conversations with people; they do not desire closeness with other people. Some people may think schizoids behave the way they do because they are shy or have social anxiety, but that is not the case; schizoids choose to isolate themselves and typically only have
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