Clinical Director At Community Partners

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For the purpose of this assignment, we interviewed Jodi Greenblatt, the Clinical Director at Community Partners (CP) and Hilary Jacques an LCSW Outpatient Therapist. I was thoroughly impressed and refreshed by the interview with Jodi. While interviewing Jodi, I felt that she had a wealth of knowledge and was very knowledgeable about the theoretical framework that Community Partners employs. Jodi explained to us that the agency does not specify any treatment modality, but the agency does have commonly used treatment modalities that include, but are not limited to, CBT, EMDR, TF-CBT, Play Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Triple P Parenting Skills. She explained that the theoretical underpinnings of the commonly used treatment modalities are CBT and the trauma based focus of the treatment modalities. Said another way, what Jodi was describing was that the commonly used treatment modalities employed by the agency have a trauma-focused orientation and are grounded in theories of change.
Afterwards, Jodi explained that a significant portion of Community Partner’s clients are DCF referred and a majority of the agency’s client populations consist of children and families that are affected by trauma, so trauma geared interventions such as CBT and others with CBT elements, such as EMDR, have been proven to help clients suffering from trauma to recover. Also, the treatment modalities that Jodi discussed are well align with the agency’s mission statement of improving the odds the
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