Clinical Documentation Improvement

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Introduction The Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) has emerged as the most vital drive for overcoming the issues associated with maintaining a complete and good sound medical record in the U.S healthcare system. The main focus of CDI is to enhance clinical clarity of the health records which usually involves the process of improving the medical/health records documentation in order to promote effective patient outcome, data quality measures and accurate reimbursement for services and care rendered. For a medical record to be meaningful and mirror the scope of treatment and services provided, it must be accurate and meet the established guidelines set forth by the governing bodies such as the Centers for Medicare and Medicare.…show more content…
(NEED A REFERENCE ON According to Chtourou (2013), a CDI program focuses on enhancing the accuracy of clinical documentation quality which requires a huge input from CDI specialists, heath information management professionals, coders and clinicians to collaborate together to review the quality of documentation reported/captured in order to ensure accuracy and complete of patient’s clinical encounter. As a healthcare provider, medical records that are incomplete or inaccurate often times, compromise the quality of care reporting and inevitably affect the clinical decision support system of the organization including the accuracy of reimbursement. This is reasonable since the CDI program has emerged as a new paradigm to meet the changing needs of maintaining a sound health record documentation across the healthcare industry (Hauger, 2014). Most of the CDI programs have to a great extent concentrated on boosting the Diagnosis-Related Groups (DRGs) installments by securing clinical documentation to support medical complications and co-morbidities (Hauger, 2014). Identification of recommendation to address the identified problem/issue A solid CDI program begins with the best possible recruitment and careful selection of CDI experts (Bryant et al, 2013). Motivating the Physician to cooperate with the CDI program is a great initiative in identifying incomplete documentation to ensure accurate procedural and
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