Clinical Experience At Bentaub.

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Clinical experience at Bentaub Now I will apply my theoretical lens to a clinical situation I experienced a few weeks back. I will begin by illustrating the clinical situation involving a 48-year-old Hispanic patient who I had the opportunity to care for. This patient was diagnosed with pre-diabetes type 2 in 2007. Since then, he has not taken the necessary actions to keep his glucose within normal ranges. The patient continued to live an unhealthy lifestyle and eat his favorite foods, which he said were “Tacos and many Corona beers”, at family reunions. His days consisted of working in the construction field from 5:00AM to around 6:00PM, every day of the week except Sunday. Next he said that he has never taken the necessary actions to perform any kind of physical activity except for all the walking that he has to perform each day at his job. “I came home from work, took a shower and lay in bed; I did not have the mental neither the body strength to go to the park or do weights,” he stated when I was performing an assessment on him. Unfortunately, he had come to the emergency room and was now in the Medical Surgical unit, after one of his toes was infected and drainage was coming out of it. When I first came to his room, he was nervous and scared. After I greeted him, he did not respond to my greeting, “Hello, how are you?” His face did not have a friendly smile toward me. I felt that my patient was questioning my very presence in the room, since I was just a

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