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This clinical experience took place at Peyton Elementary School and Prairie Heights Elementary School. Kamille, Ben and I were to teach hand hygiene, covering your cough and brushing your teeth to three Pre-K classes. First we developed a lesson plan and teaching aid for our students. Then, we gathered supplies such as spray bottles, dye, subject specific coloring sheet and a dinosaur with large teeth and tooth brush. Kids Rock dentistry in Colorado Springs was nice enough to borrow us the dinosaur and also gave us activity books for the kids. When we arrived at Peyton Elementary School at 0800, we noticed it was a very nice school. We met the school nurse at the office where we signed in. She showed us to classroom where the children…show more content…
They don’t like you asking too many questions, possibly due to immigration status is one theory stated. I learned from this community experience that children are not treated the same in all preschools. The children at the Peyton school were not provided a snack or meal when they arrived at school. There did not seem to be a need for them, they all seem to be within normal BMI and very engaged in learning at 0800. The children in the rural community seem to be more in need of public services. I learned that community health nursing involved providing what services you can to help the community. The nurse at Prairie Heights saw a need for dental care in her community so she arranged to have a community outreach mobile dental clinic come to her area. The school nurse doesn’t just see sick kids, give medications and keep track of immunizations. She does a whole lot more. This impacts my future practice by just know this fact. Maybe I will be a school nurse or work in a place that could provide services within the school system. This clinical experience reinforced my value system, that we should always treat other with respect because we never know what they are going through. This value system has served me well and I hope to always respect
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