Clinical Human Factors That Affect The Individual 's Act Physically And Psychology Within Different Settings

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Clinical Human Factors are an integral scientific discipline that each health professional must learn and abide by; It’s the study of how individual’s act physically and psychology within different settings. Human factors are used to describe interactions between 3 aspects; individuals at work, the task at hand and the workplace. Knowledge of each factors reduces the risk of injury within the workplace. The factors which have the ability to entice other factors for better or worse are: leadership, stress, fatigue, work environment, safety culture, communications and teamwork. Within the healthcare profession human factors can show how to make sure safe prescribing practises are used, how to communicate well in teams and hand over information to other healthcare professionals. Clinical human factors are important in optimising patient safety, having complete understanding reduces the risk of unintentional mistakes. This scientific discipline must be followed by each individual healthcare professional. Having an understanding off these skills strengthens performance meaning safer surroundings and more comfortable experiences for patients; being the forefront of patient care. An example of poor understanding in human clinical factors be the case study of Elaine Bromiley, 2005 resulting in death. Elaine attended routine sinus surgery, during this a sequence of occurrences caused by lack of communication, teamwork and management equalled Elaine’s passing. This case emphasises in
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