Clinical Intake Report. Latalvin Bullock. Liberty University

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Clinical Intake Report Latalvin Bullock Liberty University CLIENT DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION Mrs. W is a 35-year-old, married but recently separated for the past two years, African-American woman with 4 children, and works full-time as a Trainer for a large corporation. She had her first child at the age of 15. Her primary language is English and Mrs. W is a Christian who actively goes to church, sings in the choir, and is president of the youth department at her church. As a Trainer, Mrs. W reports an annual income of approximately 40,000 dollars. INITIAL/GENERAL IMPRESSIONS Mrs. W is approximately 5’5” and average weight. Her appearance was professional and neat wearing a business skirt suit. Mrs. W actively engaged in the…show more content…
W said that as a teenager she had issues with depression and abandonment because her mother was a drug addict and abandoned her when she was 2 years old. She lived off and on with different relatives until going to stay with her paternal grandmother at the age of 10 and staying there until she was 17. Mrs. W speaks of seeing a counselor as early as the age of 10 for issues dealing with depression. Mrs. W says that she was socially withdrawn and felt sad because she felt that she did not feel loved or wanted. Once she gave her grandmother a chance, she said that she did feel that her grandmother loved her but she still felt out of place. She said that all her life she’s felt that she was looking for someone or something that made her feel loved and worthy. Mrs. W stated that she began cutting herself when she was 10 years old and had repeated therapy up to the age of 15 and reports that she has not had a cutting issue since she became pregnant with her first child. She also reports that she stopped therapy and has not had a therapy session since she was 16 right before her child was born. FAMILY OF ORIGIN/FAMILY CONSTELLATION Mrs. W’s mother is 50 years old. She was a drug addict and high school dropout. Mrs. W’s mother abandoned her with a family member when she was 2 years. Mrs. W states that her mother reached out to her when she was 25 years old and at that time she was still using. She said that she refused to have anything to do with her at that time. Mrs. W

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