Clinical Interview. Introduction:. As Learning Takes Place,

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Clinical Interview Introduction: As learning takes place, it is important for students to identify whether or not they have an understanding of a concept, or can just regurgitate information. The purpose of a Clinical Interview is to analyze the answers and choices that students make in order to see what they do or do not understand. From this knowledge, teachers can help students develop a better understanding by extending multiple concept connections. According to Ginsburg (1997), “ascertaining the state of [a student’s] mentality” is a good way for teacher’s to identify areas of concern in terms of understanding. Often times, during these interviews, the workings that student shows reflect both their understandings and misconceptions.…show more content…
As I am related to the subject, I know that he is quite knowledgeable on most science topics, but I do worry that his schema of the topic will change either during the interview or even afterwards. I am also worried on his ability to effectively explain the meaning behind his terminology and illustrations. Result: In Keely’s “Uncovering the students ideas in Science”, Keely explains the answer to the mitten aspect of the Clinical Interview question, as well as describing the average understanding and misconceptions of students, sorted by academic levels. This article gave a lot of insight into many misconceptions, such as many believing that temperature and heat are not two separate entities. As well, this article gave multiple solutions to these fallacies, such as providing more examples of heat transfer and energy transfer to enlighten students as to the differences. After reading this article, I realized that during my interview, although I knew that the two were separate, I never made any distinction between heat and temperature. Throughout this interview, I made several attempt to connect the two, however, I believe that the student may have only been able to see part of it. The student mentioned many times how the temperature would increase when a hot entity is in contact with it, but he when dealing with heat, he correlated it to how much contact the object had with the hot entity. According to Keely (2005), high school students may still hold

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