Clinical Microsystem Assessment : Psychiatric Acute Care

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Clinical Microsystem Assessment: Psychiatric Acute Care Unit
Dimietris D. Thompson
Sacred Heart University

Clinical Microsystem Assessment: Psychiatric Acute Care Unit Clinical microsystems are “small functional front-line units such as a hospital unit, outpatient clinic or home health agency” (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2006, p. 6-7). Assessing clinical microsystems marks the beginning of the system’s improvement journey (European Medical Alliance, 2016). According to the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (n.d.) the ten key characteristics of a successful high-performing clinical microsystems is leadership, organizational support, staff focus, education and training, interdependence, patient focus, community and market focus, performance results, process improvement and information and information technology. The purpose of this paper is to assess and explore the acute care unit (ACU), at Silver Hill Hospital, an inpatient psychiatric unit and identify opportunities for quality improvement.
Inpatient Care Unit Profile (Appendix A)
To begin to assess clinical microsystems, it is important to describe the unit’s basic profile characteristics. The 5 P’s framework, which assesses the purpose, patients, professionals, processes and patterns, will be utilized to frame and comprehend the clinical arena and how it functions within the health system (Gerard, Grossman, & Godfrey, 2012).
Silver Hill Hospital is a non-profit…
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