Clinical Nurse Leader Role in Psychiatric Department Essay

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CNL Role in Psychiatric Department Never has it been more critical to provide high quality care in the hospital while being cost effective. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (American Association of Colleges of Nursing [AACN], 2005) has created the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) role to introduce lateral integration of care for specified groups by creatively and intentionally using a variety of health care resources (AACN, 2005). The CNL’s purpose is to aid in various departments of the health care system including the psychiatric department. Although there is continuous tension between medical care and psychiatric care and choosing which is more important for a patient, the Clinical Nurse Leader is intended to bridge the gap…show more content…
Traditionally, providing care for mental health in individuals has been cumbersome and costly for families (Seed, Torkelson, & Karshmer, 2009). This has resulted in inadequate care and patient outcomes for individuals across the nation (Seed, Torkelson, & Karshmer, 2009). Although there is insufficient use of the evidence-based practice model in psychiatric units, sometimes due to the lack of knowledge of mental health illnesses, there was improvement in care when there was a transformation in attitudes and current practices (Seed, Torkelson, & Karshmer, 2009). The CNL role has a focus on how we implement and execute evidence-based care, along with lateral integration of care, safety of the patient and staff, risk reduction, and keeping the cost fixed (Clinical Nurse Leader Association [CNLA], 2014). Because of the role that CNL’s have taken in psychiatric facilities, there has been an increase in compliance in patient care standards and satisfaction; and in safety. While on the other hand, a decrease in the length of stay for patients (Clinical Nurse Leader Association [CNLA], 2014). Place Within the Nursing Profession Typically in a med/psych unit, patients are treated if an active medical issue complicates their psychiatric illness (University of Pennsylvania, 2014). Before CNLs began to be incorporated on the psychiatric department team, they struggled with issues related to the systems levels, which
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