Clinical Nurse Leaders In Nursing Essay

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1. Concept 1: Function of leaders in nursing practice
This context is taken from Leadership and Communication Block 6 module 1; 3 entitled; functions of leader in nursing practices Generally health care services involve inter disciplinary approach and are changing and more challenging everyday hence health professionals must adapt with situation of things as it is changing and advancing in nature and technology nursing services must include actions to lead, organize and deliver care in any increasing challenging and changing environment Nursing is hierarchical hence should engage in different types of leadership activities in their routine care delivery
The nurse leader should ensure high quality care delivery putting in consideration
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identify the next line of action to deliver quality and effective nursing care, relate with patient in friendly manner always so as to gain their trust and all these actions are usually coordinate by the most senior nurse on duty
A clinical nurse leader is someone who may be responsible for a lot of tasks and responsibilities in the work environment. Such a person sees to the healthcare of a specific group of patients within a unit and in such a situation, the clinical nurse leader must put together and utilize research-based information to aid, implement, and evaluate patient outcomes.
A clinical nurse is an advanced practice specialist with a macro-system focus and she leads to coordinate the care plan for a patient with the health care team. Also she manages a team (which can include licensed nurses, technicians, and other health care professionals). Other important tasks she performs are: patient and staff education, patient assessment, supervision of protocols, also in complicated patient cases–direct patient
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