Clinical Nutrition : Diabetes Report

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Clinical Nutrition – Diabetes Report
Diabetes mellitus is a life long condition that develops either when the pancreas can no longer produce enough insulin or the body cannot use the insulin in an effective way to control blood glucose (WHO, 2013). Diabetes UK (2015) classifies diabetes as a condition where glucose builds up in the blood due to inadequate insulin production and/or insulin resistance, where the body’s cells are no longer responding to the insulin produced. Diabetes can arise from lifestyle habits, environmental factors, and genetics (WHO, 2013).
There are two main variations of the disease, type I and type 2 diabetes. The first type of diabetes (type I diabetes) is an autoimmune disease causing the body to attack and destroy beta cells in the pancreas that produce insulin leaving the body unable to produce insulin for itself, leading to uncontrolled glucose levels in the blood (Notkins. 2002; Whelan. 2003). This type of diabetes usually is present in children and young adults. This causes extreme levels of blood glucose, which is also known as hyperglycaemia (Notkins. 2002).
This type of diabetes is managed with a combination of insulin replacement and dietary manipulation (Diabetes UK. 2015).
The second type of diabetes (type 2 diabetes) occurs when either the body has developed insulin resistance or there is insufficient insulin production (Diabetes UK, 2015; Whelan. 2003). This type of diabetes is strongly associated with lifestyle habits and…

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