Clinical Psychology And Its Effect On Patient Outcomes Essay

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Executive Summary There is no doubt that clinical psychologists have an enormous amount of responsibility, and in order to be an effective clinician, one must acquire a certain set of skills. Yet still today, individuals are being accepted into postgraduate training programs for clinical psychology, without these skills being accurately measured. Similarly, some individuals may be being wrongfully rejected due to universities measuring irrelevant skills. This issue is heightened by the attrition rate in clinical psychology, which is one of the highest in graduate study areas (Hirschberg & Itkin, 1978). Consequently, these limitations in the selection process can have a significant impact on patient outcomes in the future. As such, I propose the implementation of both a GPA cut-off requirement and an Emotional Intelligence test, such as the Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT), in the admissions process for post-graduate programs. Details of how this test could be developed and its psychometric properties will be explained and evaluated. The effectiveness of the battery of tests will be evaluated through peer, supervisor and patient ratings of clinical competence.

A Competence Assessment Battery for Australian Students Applying for Post-Graduate Clinical Psychology Training Programs Currently in Australia, the final selection of applicants is based on Grade Point Average (GPA), referees’ reports and an interview. However, while GPA has been
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