Clinical Psychology And The Qualifications

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Clinical Psychology
George Bernard Shaw once wrote: There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your life’s desire, the other is to gain it. (“The Tide That Never Came Back”). My one goal in life is to make others happy. To make someone feel wanted. To feel mattered. I chose my career when I was very young. I chose to be a Clinical Psychologist. I was eight years old when I met my counselor. Her name was Candy. She was the one person I could trust. I would be so honored to be somebody 's “one person”. In this paper I will be discussing Clinical Psychology and the qualifications needed, the working conditions of a psychologist, and the salary, also the typical day in the life of a clinical psychologist and how Psychology has changed over the years, my future needs for this career, and finally my personal interest in clinical psychology. Career Requirements and Qualifications Becoming a clinical psychologist requires extensive training and education. In order to start a clinical psychologist career, individuals will typically need to earn a Bachelor’s in psychology or clinical psychology. Schooling is occasionally necessary after the four year degree. My future goal includes earning my doctoral degree in clinical psychology (“Clinical Psychologist careers education requirements, salary, information”). According to the society of clinical psychology, a psychologist should be trained as both a scientist, as well as a professional (“Clinical…
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