Clinical Psychology Career Goals

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1. What are you specific career goals in the field of clinical psychology?
My career goal is work with the Hispanic community. I am equally interested in designing and conducting researches that lead me discover innovates new ways to improve the quality of mental health therapeutic treatment for Latino Americans living in the United State of America. I am fully bilingual and I hope one day to perform my duties as a psychologist with equal efficacy in both English and Spanish, as well. I aim to serve the Spanish speaking population, which has historically been under-served by mental health services throughout the spectrum. Both research and clinical practices are interconnected. I would be able to produce, analyze, and
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in clinical psychology program at the University of Arkansas would help me to develop the necessaries skills to work with the Hispanic community. It highly call my attention the fact that although the integrated behavioral health training is not still granted, if you give me the opportunity of belonging to your program, I would take advantage of this training. It would allow me to obtain field experiences helping the Hispanic community while developing my clinical skills. On the same line, having the opportunity to work with Dr. Ana Bridge not only will help me to acquire empirical knowledge about the target population with which I want to work with, but also the skills necessaries to design and conduct research to improve the outcomes of talk therapies that involve Latinos. Fewer universities have clinical psychology programs that prepare doctoral students to sever Hispanic…show more content…
Currently, I am studying the effect of thinking in a foreign languages in emotions and decision making. I found that researchers suggest that taking talk therapy in a foreign language may affect patient’s therapeutic treatment. In graduate school, I am planning to study the different elements that may interfere on the psychotherapy outcomes for Latinos. Since many of the research in psychology has been done with a norm distribution of white, middle class, college students male, I am curious to learn about how creating test and measurement focus on Spanish, low income, immigrant population would differ from the norm distribution. I would like to develop assessment to measure different psychological disorders in Latino Americans living on the United States of America. I am also interested in study the relationship between anxiety and alcohol abuse. Last, but never the least, I have a curiosity about the Paranoid Personality
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