Clinical Psychology Interview Essay

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Clinical Psychology focuses on the intellectual, emotional, biological, psychological, Social, and behavioral factors across the life span, in varying cultures, at all socioeconomic levels. This field requires a doctoral degree one can obtain either a Ph.D. or PsyD. Upon completing the doctoral degree an APA accredited internship has to be completed. Licensing for a clinical Psychologist is given dependent upon which state you are going to reside in. For example, if you want to practice in the state of Georgia you would obtain your provisional license in Georgia. This subfield to me is one of the most versatile fields and unlike the field of Psychiatry it growing. After doing some research, reading and interviewing my interviewee, I learned…show more content…
Raushannah Johnson-Verwayne (PsyD.) She obtained her Doctoral degree from Georgia School of Professional Psychology. Her main reason for going for a PsyD as because she knew exactly what she wanted to do with her degree. She explained that most who are Research based tend to go for a PhD. After finishing her degree, her Post-doctoral fellowship was completed at the Medellin Treatment Center in Stockbridge, GA. She stated how important it is to find somewhere that aligns with your focus which, her focus is Trauma. While there she worked with sex trauma and juvenile sex offenders. Dr. Johnson-Verwayne said it took her 7 years to become a clinical Psychologist. I asked her what does she believe are the Pros and cons for being s Clinical Psychologist. “a pro for me is being able to do many things with my professional degree. For example, I was booked for an episode of killer kids where I discussed the disorder the person experienced for that particular episode. “a con for me is the licensing process and how it differs from state to state. I then asked Dr. Raushannah what were the pros and cons to owning a private practice. Her response, “running a business, building clientele, creating a name for yourself, and making sure you run a business that is safe a secure. The pros “the salary, and creating a place where you feel best fits your clients.
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