Essay on Clinical Psychology

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Clinical psychology aims to understand, treat and prevent psychological distress and dysfunction thus to encourage good health, good adaptive thinking and a healthy lifestyle. People working in this field research into mental dysfunction suffered by the patients, assess their cognitive state of mind and perform psychotherapy to decrease the psychological symptoms and/ or the underlying causes. There are many sub divisions of therapies focusing on different routes of cure/prevention. Biologically, chemotherapy and psychosurgeries are available; but below I will discuss the treatments available psychologically. Psychologically, there are various treatments mainly the psychodynamic and the behavioural approach. The main psychodynamic…show more content…
In contrast behaviour in the unconsciousness state lacks awareness of self and the environmental situations. In between these is the preconscious state where thoughts from the unconscious state, that are not suppressed, thus can be brought to the conscious by slowly recalling the thoughts. Upon this differentiation Freud discovered that these symptoms resulted from the unconscious decisions made following psychological conflicts experienced at the present moment. One specific case, involved a young boy, who mother was asking him to sign a letter accusing the father of abusing him, in order support her in their divorce. However the boy, knowing that both parents are of no harm couldn’t decide whether to sign the letter in favour of the mother or not to in favour of the father (unconscious psychological conflict). Thus this resulted in the boy suffering paralysis (mental neurotic dysfunction). Such neurosis are maladaptive behaviours, that doesn’t resolve but instead avoids the under lying situation. This initiates from childhood feelings, memories, wishes and experiences that are emotionally attached. Freud’s theory of personality defines that the psychological conflicts experienced by the individuals’ link to the compromises made against the forces of cognitive construct. Id, this form of cognitive construct is from the unconscious that follows the
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