Clinical Psychology Questionnaire

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What are some characteristics of contemporary scientific thought (e.g., falsification of hypotheses, paradigm shifts, pragmatism)? To what extent do you identify yourself as a clinical scientist? What does that mean in operational terms for you? (2 pts.)
Contemporary scientific thought strives for empirical support behind theoretical assertions. From the emergence of behaviorism, psychology began to focus on evidence based practices and clinically sound research. Ideas evolved from primarily case study approaches to laboratory control. As scientific thought has emerged, the pendulum has shifted towards a combination of behavioral approaches and cognitive factors. For instance, Cognitive Behavioral Theory, involves more structured approaches such as relaxation techniques or self-talk, empirically supported treatments, and analysis of specific thoughts on behavior (Gurman & Messner, 2003).
In regards to paradigm shifts, early psychoanalysis was largely unable to be scientifically researched. Concepts such as the unconscious, regression, and defense mechanisms were difficult to prove. Theories evolved to more scientific based such as behaviorism. As psychology continues to evolve, researchers continue to seek ways to link brain functioning with behaviors and emotions (Ochsner & Lieberman, 2001). This shift requires theories to be tested and researched. From a pragmatic viewpoint, theory should emerge from practice. The theory of falsification…
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