Clinical Psychology Research Paper

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Have you ever imagine what your going be doing in 10 years from now? Everyone has asked themselves that terrifying question before. I want to become a clinical psychologist because I have always been interested on how people think and react to different scenarios. Becoming a psychologist will help me get a better understanding on why people do the things they do. Also, within then next several years I will be in a internship at a hospital.There are several different types of psychologists but a clinical psychologist seems the most involved. There are different levels into authority in this field such as a associate's, bachelor's or master's degree. One of the key factor that deals with this field is the patients behavior.Most people think differently…show more content…
Choosing this type of psychologist out of hundreds of different choice was simple. Psychologists is mainly in learning centers or hospitals. They identify if you have a learning disability, stressed out or depressed, etc... Thinking and reacting play a huge part in the world and causes conflict between everyone. Being comfortable in a safe environment is more of a field I would like to go in because it a peaceful area and no judgement happens. I also enjoy working with others and seeing how their personality develop over time. Most people take more time to open up and get comfortable to work through their problems.
The average amount a adult makes is around 50,000 a year. Although clinical psychologist isn't the highest paying job they receive over 73,000 a year. With individual patients your schedule becomes very flexible and can be adjusted; your patients can schedule private session with you when they need to. Education has a huge part of this, the further you increase your knowledge then the better chances you get to more opportunities. Also, they can schedule their own days to works around your schedule. The hours are flexible and you can manage each patient that you
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