Clinical Reasoning Of Parkinson 's Disease

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Healthcare professional has a vital role in making judgments and decisions on multiple medical situations while caring for patients. Levett-Jones’ Clinical Reasoning Cycle has been proved that patient outcome has a positive impact by using it. This essay will be guided according to Levett et al. (2010), which clinical reasoning should be applied by the nurses taking 8 steps: look, collect, process, decide, plan, act, evaluate and reflect which will help to support them on judgments and decisions made in health care. Parkinson’s disease is known as one of the neurogenerative diseases which mostly occurs in people older than 60 years. According to a research of Lynn (2012), it is related to the fall of dopamine levels in either side…show more content…
Loftus (2009) conducted that the cause of losing balance during daily activities such as standing up or bending and Sudden turns in people with Parkinson’s disease problems is due to movement away from his or her base support and problems with the center of mass or gravity and axial rigidity. Furthermore, non-motor symptoms that Diana has been experiencing like fatigue, stress and emotional distractions and inattention will also contribute to increased risk of falls in Parkinson’s disease. Besides, Diana taking more than four of medications will develop drug interactions and leads to the risk of fall(Loftus,2009). Despite the benefit of easing the symptoms of the disease and mobility, it will not affect on stability and balance. For examples, dyskinesias is a complication of the long-term use of dopamine an agonist and Levodopa may cause dizziness, drowsiness; and retropulsion, which would be a reason Diana was falling backward (Jenner, 2003). Moreover, the goal would be to enable Diana to pursue an active and safe lifestyle, she can go back to her job and increase her quality of life by reducing the risk factors. First of all, it is important to organize and talk to the doctor about reviewing on medications. In fact, when it comes to managing and minimize adverse symptoms in people
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