Clinical Teaching Plan

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INTENSIVE NURSING PRACTICUM 2nd Semester School Year 2011 - 2012 Clinical Teaching Plan Cagayan Valley Medical Center (Surgery Ward) Prepared by: ____________________________________ Noted by: _________________________________________ Approved By: ______________________________________________ CLINICAL TEACHING PLAN DESCRIPTION OF LEARNERS * an assessment tool used for identifying an individual student's strengths and needs in various content and developmental areas. These descriptions, which consist of listings of abilities and accomplishments that are developmentally appropriate, indicate where children begin in their learning and the stages through which they progress as they achieve proficiency.…show more content…
4. Explain the methods of evaluation: Attitude – 10% -established nurse- client relationship -display self direction and self discipline -values excellence in nursing practice -attendance -proper decorum Knowledge -20% -rotation exam -post and bedside conference -requirements; individual case study, drug study, learning reflection and documentations Skills -70% -bedside care -history taking -provision of nursing procedures -utilizing nursing process -competencies of a beginning staff nurse, head nurse, researcher and leader -documentation (dummy charting, including kardex making) GENERAL OBJECTIVES * broad and long-term * met through accomplishing each of the specific objectives. Given a variety of health care situations, the students will be able to: 1. Apply the theories, principles and concepts of clinical nursing practice to groups of clients in varied settings 2. To refine nursing skills in the different basic nursing services including community. Emphasis is placed on integrating the multiple roles of professional nursing such as staffing, concepts of leadership and management as a vehicle to enhance critical thinking and communication skills. 3. Provide opportunities for actual hospital experiences applying the primary nursing and the case method of
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