Clinical Test Construction Exercise Report

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Clinical Test Construction Exercise Name: Erin Mellifont Student Number: s2798629 Course: 3009PSY Convenor: Mark Kebbell Tutor: Cathy Poole Tutorial Time: 10:00am-11:50am Thursday Due Date: 6th October 2014 Date Submitted: 6th October 2014 Word Count: 1919 words Clinical Test Construction Exercise Reason for Referral Ms. Julie Coldwell is a 25 year old woman who was referred to Bradfield Hospital Mental Health Unit by her General Practitioner for psychological assessment. Ms. Coldwell works as a trainee manager for a supermarket. Ms. Coldwell was referred after she reported experiencing difficulty sleeping which leaves her fatigued and impacts upon her work performance. As a result Ms. Coldwell reported concern about her ability to keep her job and worry what her colleagues say about her when she is not around. Further, Ms. Coldwell stated she is now finding it increasingly difficult to feel motivation to go to work. Ms. Coldwell further stated that she had not "felt like herself" in recent months. It should be noted however that little background information was provided along with the referral request and thus in order to carry out a comprehensive assessment of Ms. Coldwell 's psychological health additional information will need to be gathered pertaining to her current symptoms, pertinent medical history (including psychiatric), family histories (both medical and psychological), work and educational history, and any other relational or social histories which may
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