Clinically Related Data in the Healthcare Industry

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Healthcare industry generates large volumes of clinically related data every minute. It can be in the form of electronic records, scan reports, printed documents, images etcetera. The sources of these records are technologies like CT scan, MRI scan, Ultrasound, ECG, Dialysis, biopsy equipment etc. The objectives of this smart approach are to make this data useful and productive for analysis and study of health patterns and create statistics. A detailed analysis can help the community to get awareness for improved nutrition and hygiene. Objectives • Perform empirical analysis on the data and determine the forecasting power of the collected data to study health patterns • Create statistics based on the information obtained in the form of user friendly charts and graphs • Build an extensive GUI which makes the product understandable and easy to comprehend • Help the customers customize the API to cater their needs. • Design and implement use cases to tailor the needs of the health industry. • Construct a web console with administrative facilities, a customizable dashboard, and a web accessible application for importing and exporting data. 1.2 Problem statement, project motivation, and needs In today’s world, all the information and knowledge is being collected in the form of data. The amount of data is huge, continually increasing and changing. To utilize this data, analyze it and derive useful information out of it, some cutting-edge technologies are being devised. To

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