Clinicia Clinician Strengths And Weaknesses

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The client completed three of the seven days for his workout goal which is a success. The client completed zero of the seven days for playing video games which is a failure. The client was assisted in buying a computer in order to write his book but I have not had a session with the client yet, status is pending. The status is still pending on the client returning back to college. The client has taken his medications in zero of the seven days which is a failure. Ethical Considerations The client has a history of nine overdoses and suicide attempts. The client consistently talks about dying and I need to take every instance seriously. Diversity Considerations I need to be aware that the client is also Korean and take into account any cultural considerations if needed. …show more content…

I have also been an advocate for my client outside of our sessions by pushing the program for him to get his own personal computer to write his book. My main weaknesses are I have been getting flustered when I feel that an intervention is not working and I quickly move into another intervention. Another weakness is that I feel like I may be a push-over and need to be more confrontational when the client does not done his homework that he has agreed to

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