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The clinician uses a level of complexity theory to establishing sentences, isolation words, and multiple syllables words. He focused on stimulation phoneme of two syllables level to developmental approach and focused on speech sounds. He used the verbal model of functional phrases, behavior perspective, and phonetics context. The clinician makes this session as fun, critical window of brain development such as that he gave him a high chair and shown progress because that phonetic context progress changes his ability to perform and the data is not validity. The clinician gets to response to the child who wanted the toys, the child uses the verbal model with the phrase, carrier phrase and imitation word. The clinician uses intelligibility a…show more content…
J. was consistently using two and three-word phrases but was unintelligible, he was not using any consonants. J. was having severe difficulty (consistent imitation of vowels but seemingly lacking any ability to imitate consonants) as Motor refers to muscle movement. The child may be inconsistent in his ability to produce speech sounds. He shows difficulty sequencing sounds into syllables and syllables into words and be very hard to understand. The clinician creates a fun activity, a target that is doable, encourage the child as he is trying. The clinician is spurred by the child’s increased confidence that he can successfully imitate speech sounds. The clinician is using to producing imitate responses to the best of one’s ability will eventually lead to the production of more clear spontaneous utterances. He is encouraging the child to produce an imitation that is consistent, and is as close as he can get at the moment to the target sound or syllable or multisyllabic utterance. Moreover, J., who is able to imitate vowel sounds, the clinician might use a foam toy rocket by squeezed air and said that “let’s make it go up. the clinician accepts that, if it is letter consistent, substituting a “d” or “t” for the “g” in “go.” He uses the “o” vowel to be produced as an “uh” if it is consistent. Glen did a great job being patient and attentive during the
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