Clinician Intervention Case Study

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As addressed in the previous section, assessment needs to be very individualized towards the patient and their specific needs. Therefore, with intervention, the same process and considerations should be maintained. If a clinician is going to individualize an assessment specifically towards a client, then in order to work on the areas identified, the intervention plan must reflect the results of the assessment. Every individual varies greatly, and with Noonan Syndrome, it is no different. Even though specific characteristics are identified, each patient will present with different degrees and attributes, if they even present with any at all. Intervention needs to be specifically designed for the individual and their strengths and weaknesses.…show more content…
The caregiver is a major component of the intervention, and that cannot be forgotten when determining plans for intervention. The caregivers are going to be the main adults interacting with the child and ultimately implementing the strategies to excel the development of their child. Therefore, the SLP needs to make sure that they are addressing the concerns of the caregivers throughout the intervention process. A clinician should view the caregivers as an important component in the intervention process, comparable to the client. If the caregiver mentions skills that they wish their child to improve upon, or want certain issues the child may have addressed, then the clinician needs to make sure to target those issues and address them accordingly. Secondly, caregivers are a huge resource that the clinician can use to enhance the productivity of the intervention. The caregiver can provide insight into the interests of the child, how to interact with the child, or give the clinician pointers as to what to avoid during interactions. (Ritzman,
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