Clint Malarchuk And The Buffalo Sabres

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Clint Malarchuk was born May 1, 1961 in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. He loved hockey and continued to excel greatly in his sport. He joined the NHL in 1981 as a goalie and played for the Quebec Nordiques, Washington Capitals, Buffalo Sabres throughout his career. He continued to play whether it be for a minor league, professional league, or international league team until his retirement in 1992. Clint Malarchuk was the goalie for the Buffalo Sabres when his life changed forever. On March 22, 1989 during the first period of a game between the Buffalo Sabres and the St, Louis Blues, the puck was sent across the face of the goal by a St. Louis Blues player awaiting the arrival of Blues teammate Steve Tuttle’s stick. However, Uwe Krupp…show more content…
The trainer then started cutting off all equipment. Once the ambulance arrived, an IV was put into his arm but the pressure applied to Mr. Malarchuk’s neck was never left without pressure until he was in doctors’ hands at the local hospital.
Mr. Pizzutelli did an excellent job of applying pressure to the wound and doing his best to stop the blood from exiting. His prior experience as an army medic in the Vietnam War prepared him very well to save Mr. Malarchuk’s life. He is credited with acting without any hesitation and pinching off the artery to prevent further blood loss. His calmness was contagious. Mr. Malarchuk was even said to be trying to make a joke as he was being rushed to the hospital with blood still pouring from his neck. Trainers need to have this ability to prevent their patients from going into shock and maintaining a positive outlook regardless of how bad the situation is. Clint Malarchuck was one of the luckiest men on earth that night. He lost a third of the blood in his body and doctors said if the skate had cut even a fourth deeper into his neck he would have died immediately. His neck was sewn up with 300 stitches and doctors wanted Mr. Malarchuk to stay for at least a week to monitor his conditions. Malarchuck instead left the next day and returned to action eleven days later despite the doctor’s orders to take the rest of the season off. Back then, the standards and policies were not taken as seriously as they are today. Injuries are treated

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