Clinton V. Trump 's Presidential Election

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Clinton V. Trump This year’s presidential election has been riddled with controversy and drama. The two presidential nominees, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump, each have questionable acts. As voting time approaches and the debates come to an end many individuals must decide who is fit to run the country. By considering their backgrounds, verifying the validity of their policies, and brining into consideration their performance in the debates, a suitable president should be found. Born in Chicago, Hillary Clinton grew up in a middle-class family living in the suburbs of Illinois. Clinton first attended Wellesley College, then continued her education at Yale. In 1972 Hillary Clinton was one of 27 women in her graduating class, with a degree in Law she moved to Arkansas. While in Arkansas she became a member of the Arkansas University faculty, teaching law. After becoming first lady in 1992, Clinton spent her time fighting for children and women’s rights, working with CHIP to provide affordable healthcare. In 2000 Clinton served as the first female senator of New York. (Everything You need to Know About Hillary Clinton). In 2008 Clinton decided to run for presidency but later suspended her campaign after the majority went to Barrack Obama. When Obama was elected, he nominated her for the position of Secretary of State which she took in 2009 (Hillary Clinton Biography). In Clintons 2016 campaign she has focused on making debt free college possible. To make debt free
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